Our Process

FACT: your organization will face some type of interruption. It could be from a natural disaster, malware, hacks, data breaches, or even the loss of key personnel.

Every organization needs to take steps today that allows them to return to revenue-producing activity as quickly as possible no matter what type of interruption they face. Leaders of organizations need to recognize that risk is their business. TRI can help organizations how to see risk more clearly and do something about it!  Our philosophy is built on: See something, Say Something and Do Something – Reinforce and build a culture of resilience.

Utilizing Smart Task Actionable Tactics (STAT) TRI works with your organizations to get back to business as soon as possible, and to get back to work and get a problem resolved in the shortest period for the least amount of cost/money without compromising the integrity of the process. Our unique 4P’s of Risk Analysis approach is customized to your organization.

4P’s of Risk Analysis

  1. People: TRI understands that employees are people too! Your organization’s resilience depends on the resilience of the people you rely on. We always start with: Who do we depend on? Who depends on us?
  2. Processes: The first questions any organization should ask is: Where am I? Where are my strengths? Where are my gaps? Creating a successful, profitable, and resilient business effort needs to include data. In order to establish your resilience course, there needs to be a clear understanding of where your organization is, RIGHT NOW!
  3. Policies: Our Resolution Performance System is powered by incident management technology which allows organizations “how to see risk more clearly and do something about it!” See something, Say Something and Do Something – Reinforce and build a culture of resilience, transparency and trust. Our system is designed to save you time and money on workplace incidents and insurance.
  4. Property: Utilizing assessing risks in order to promote safety in their workplace. From workplace violence to slip and falls; TRI works with you to identify, quantify, and reduce incidents within your organization.

The Resiliency Institute is about real results… by eradicating your risk, you will realize growth in market share and growth in profitability.

For more information, get all of your questions answered, or for a complementary one hour conversation structured to your particular situation, reach out to Bonnie directly!