Resilient Action Items, Resilience Roundup October 13, 2017

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The Resiliency Institute’s Resilience Roundup


Resilient Action Items
Roundup for October 13, 2017

Community resilient
business resilient
disaster resilient

Community Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Resilience Observatory. The Resilience Observatory project builds on the acclaimed multi-decade and multi-disciplinary EERI Learning From Earthquakes (LFE) program but it expands the work of EERI as a reconnaissance leader.

Business Resilience   Resilient Action Item

Why British coffee and tea maker Taylors prioritizes supplier resilience.

GreenBiz. Ensuring the continuity of supply is a strategic must for all long-term … a commercial imperative for the business, about ensuring business continuity for …

Disaster Recovery Resilient Action Items

Hurricane Harvey: The floods, the wind — and the mosquitos.

TribTalk. As a former commanding general of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who led disaster recovery efforts, most recently after Super Storm Sandy, I’ve …

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