Resilient Action Items, Resilience Roundup January 27, 2017

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The Resiliency Institute’s Resilience Roundup


Resilient Action Items
Roundup for January 27, 2017

Community resilient
business resilient
disaster resilient

Community Resilience   Resilient Action Item

OZY. And yet neighbors helping neighbors accounts for 80 percent of rescues during an emergency, according to Daniel Neely,

Business Resilience   Resilient Action Items

Computerworld. “If we wait until he [Trump] starts putting overbroad government demands on tech companies, they won’t have the time to clean up their logs and ..

Disaster Recovery Resilient Action Item

Mental Health, Post-Disaster

WWNO, Beyond the tangible needs – like housing, and infrastructure – there’s a mental health component to disaster recovery. Traumatic experiences carry an …


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