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TRI Customizable Resilience Self-Assessment

Business Resilience Self-Assessment

The first questions any organization should ask is: Where am I? Where are my strengths? Where are my gaps?

Creating a successful, profitable, and resilient business effort needs to include data. In order to establish your resilience course, there needs to be a clear understanding of where your organization is, RIGHT NOW!

The Resiliency Institute offers a Business Resilience self-assessment. This assessment is based on the work of MIT, Boston University, and Boston College Professors who specialize in business resilience issues. 

This assessment helps companies realize high ROI from their business resilience efforts.  You have the option of taking the assessment or you may want us to include our critical planning and preparation stages as well as the ongoing adoption and strategy creation obtained from the results of the assessment.

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TRI’s BC or Resilience Plan Exercises

Business Continuity or  Resilience Plan Exercises 

Why exercise in the first place?

The primary objective is to ensure that the plan works when it’s needed. But it’s not enough to exercise parts of a plan. Ideally all elements of business continuity plans should be exercised on regularly scheduled basis (at least annually). Each exercise may have different objectives, beside the primary one.

Main exercise objectives include identifying weaknesses and shortcomings, verifying recovery objectives and procedures, validating global efficiency of plans, verifying the adequacy of emergency operations centers (EOCs) and alternate sites, and achieving specific recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Exercising Business Continuity or Resilience Plans is necessary and should be completed at least once a year and whenever a BC or Resilience plan has had significant changes made to it. This is essential for ensuring that your plan is current, fully functional and addresses your current operational processes and procedures.

An exercise and testing program is necessary to ensure that all staff have a good understanding of their responsibilities as defined in the Business Continuity or Resilience Plan.

Exercise and Test plans consist of:

  • Training for Managers, Supervisors Team members and the general public
  • Roles and Responsibilities of all personnel during an interruption event
  • Corporate and local Communications Plan Exercising, and
  • Testing all procedure and processes included in existing plans.
  • Testing new processes and procedures

Exercises also allow training of recovery teams and evaluates their capability to effectively implement the plan. Exercises will be conducted and documented in accordance with the Business Continuity Exercise and Reporting Templates.

Exercises can be simple or complex. A table-top exercise can establish a plan performance baseline. A specialized exercise, such as one which focuses on crisis management procedures at an EOC, provides valuable information about specific activities. At a higher level, an integrated exercise can address multiple business continuity plans or plan components. Finally, an entire plan, with all components, can be exercised. It is far better to err on the side of exercising too much, rather than not enough.

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Enterprise Incident Management System


Our Resolution Performance System  is powered by incident management technology which allows organizations “how to see risk more clearly and do something about it!” See something, Say Something and Do Something – Reinforce and build a culture of resilience,  transparency and trust. Our system is designed to save you time and money on workplace incidents and insurance.

Our incident management technology and engages all the relevant parties in the information supply chain in and outside of the organization to Report, Document, Actively Manage/Triage and Analyze Data  in real time.  We simplify a series of complex risk management issues, incidents and claims throughout the resolution process.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Mobilization of  people and resources
  • Centralization and synchronized Information Supply Chain before, during and after the resolution process
  • Organize all the data feeds for administrative and statutory compliance requirements as well as historical and current loss run information for all lines of coverage.
  • Analyze the Key Performance Indicator’s specific to YOUR organizations wants and needs. The ability to customize Key Performance Indicator’s and tag issues, incidents and claims will provide insight for what is required for improving performance outcomes and continual improvement

Our Promise Statement:

  • Organizations will be able to manage the clock and manage who is on the clock throughout the resolution process through Smart Tasks, Actionable Tactics- STAT 
  • Organizations will be able to identify, analyze and diagnose where there are inefficiencies in the workflow process and solve for what is most efficient in reducing the life cycle and escalation level of an issue, incident or claim.
  • Organizations will be able to leverage the results of actuarial science by employing behavioral science that uses computer science as a competitive advantage.

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TRI E-Learning Solutions

Customizable E-Learning Solutions

Organizational Resilience depends on the resilience of the people you rely on.  Every organization needs to understand who they depend on to keep their business up and running.

Your organization can now share e-learning topics with YOUR employees based on your outcomes and our best-practices.  We can also share your message in any language of your choice or if you need multiple languages we offer that as well! 

The Resiliency Institute offers a truly unique opportunity to get the most updated information to your employees when they need it. 

Recovery is dependent on your people. Your focus as a business should be on the abilities and preparedness of your people and their understanding of the “why”, “what”, and “how” they can contribute to recovery efforts. And every study of adult learning agrees – shorter is better. Time is limited resource and The Resiliency Institute specializes in creating effective, interactive training programs to keep your employees engaged and empowered with the knowledge and skills they need.

Organizations can either modify one of our e-learning training solutions or we can help you set up one just as you want it to be. We can delevelop any type of e-learning YOU  want to offer to your staff.

Our e-learning videos include:

  • Introduction to Business Continuity
  • Introduction to Disaster Recovery
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Personal Preparedness

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