“Exhaustion is Not a Trophy!”

Does your leadership keep up with their rapidly changing environment?
Do they feel that they just can’t keep up?
Can they manage people, conflicting schedules and try to have a life?

Are they frustrated with missed timetables or results?
Are they frustrated with missed timetables or results?

If you want better answers to these tough questions then you want to implement “Exhaustion is Not a Trophy!” in YOUR organization so your team can not only survive but they THRIVE!

“Exhaustion is Not a Trophy!” is designed to help your leadership improve their resilience – and your training “return on investment” immediately.

By working with organizational leaders you will see an increase your team’s overall performance in the mid-term, and develop your long-term “Habit of Resilience” to boost your whole team’s capabilities to generate revenues, profitability, and growth.

• Get the most from your leadership and entire organization
• Enhance hiring effectiveness and behaviors based on your goals.
• Benefit from efficient and company-wide communications on a resilient corporate culture.
• Watch production grow from both new and existing employees.
Some clients have already made an investment in training which is ONE of the key components of training. Our programs deliver an immediate and lasting positive impact on productivity by reaching deeper than traditional training and involving NOT just your leadership, but your entire organization in business development and revenue generating activities. Here is where “Exhaustion is Not a Trophy!” fits into what you are already doing.
We ALWAYS tailor the contents, discussions, tools and exercises to focus on your more important challenges and priorities. No theory, just the real stuff with plenty of practical breakthroughs.

How do we get “Exhaustion is Not a Trophy!” started?

Through a comprehensive set of services, Bonnie Canal can help your organization manage, leverage, and profit from new behaviors throughout your organization increasing results and revenue.

Delivery options include:
• Keynote Speaking
• Strategic Work Sessions with your leaders and employees
• Workshops
• Group Mentoring and Coaching
• Assessments and Evaluations
• Hands on team enhancement

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