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About TRI

TRI understands that your success and future growth comes from the resilience of your business, your leaders and your team members. Through practical applications across the full continuum of offerings- TRI is your strategic partner – assisting you to see invisible opportunities and solve seemingly impossible problems that will enhance the resilience of your organization.

Our Consultants are the absolute BEST in the business and all they hold the Master Business Continuity Professional certification from the DRII.

(The MBCP is DRI International’s highest level of certification and is reserved for individuals with significant demonstrated knowledge and skill in the business continuity/disaster recovery industry.)


TRI’s Bonnie Canal is your go to expert on resilience. She is a nationally recognized leader in resilience for sales and leadership. She specialized in resilience for women. With her strategic work session with organizations and government officials, she has developed and delivered energizing programs that deliver results. She helps busy professionals prevent burn out while building a more resilience lifestyle.

As both a sales professional and leader, Bonnie has had to learn how resilience must play an active role in any professional’s life. Thus the need to develop her “Resilience as a Habit”, “Creating a Culture of Resilience” and “Thinking Without a Box” programs.

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We offer a series of customizable services that can fit your business continuity needs. Our consultants develop the programs and strategies with YOU the client in mind.

Each service is completely customized based on your needs and requests.
TRI offers the following services:

Business Continuity Management (BCM) guidance
Business Continuity Plan guidance
Business Continuity Plan Review
Business Continuity and Disaster Tabletop exercises

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