About Bonnie

Bonnie Canal, MBCP is your go to expert on resilience. She is a nationally recognized leader in resilience for sales and leadership. She specialized in resilience for women. With her strategic work session with organizations and government officials, she has developed and delivered energizing programs that deliver results. She helps busy professionals prevent burn out while building a more resilience lifestyle.

As both a sales professional and leader, Bonnie has had to learn how resilience must play an active role in any professional’s life. Thus the need to develop her “Resilience as a Habit”, “Creating a Culture of Resilience” and “Thinking Without a Box” programs.

She is founder and Managing Partner of The Resiliency Institute, LLC (TRI) and current serves on the National Board of Directors of the Association of Continuity Professionals as the National Board Chair. Bonnie has received her Master Business Continuity Professional from the DRII.

Bonnie is a proud native of New Orleans and has experienced what she calls, “The Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav, and BP Oil Spill” disasters first hand. She has had to learn how being resilience leaders to increased performance, achieve stronger relationships, and build mental toughness that we all need in today’s ever increasing busy world.

Why Hire Bonnie Canal

Your investment in Bonnie will pay off right away by making it easier for your audience members to create their “dynamic stability” as their new normal that unleashes lasting business growth and personal growth that is needed – now more than ever! Bonnie delivers immediately actionable resilience strategies and tactics to ensure your team members can compete in today’s ever changing world.

Bonnie is not just a speaker; she is an expert who speaks. She works daily in the “real world” of resilience. Since 2009, Bonnie has delivered over 50 programs, working with businesses of all sizes, non-profits, associations, faith-based organizations and elected officials to help build their resilience.

Even though Bonnie has given more than 50 programs, she has never given the same program twice. She always customizes his programs based on client needs, whether that client is a corporation, association, or Chamber of Commerce. There is no cookie cutter. YOU are no cookie!

For example, many clients will read the outlines of Bonnie’s resilience seminars and programs, and they’ll say they like bits and pieces from several programs. They’ll ask if we can design a program that incorporates those various bits and pieces. The answer is “Yes.” And Bonnie will incorporate your organization’s theme, vision, and language.

Bonnie’s style is high energy, high content, and completely action-oriented. Bonnie is NOT just a “motivational speaker” – she also is an “implementation speaker!” In this economic environment, motivation alone doesn’t cut it. Your people need hard skills and actionable “do-it-now” strategies they can take back and use immediately. So Bonnie’s motto is: No theory. No fluff. No bull.
First, Bonnie will speak with you in-depth before the program. And she’ll talk to whomever you suggest to research, customize and tailor your program (including a cross-section of your attendees, your organization’s key influencers, and/or your senior leadership team or board members.) Bonnie is also happy to record, edit, and produce audio or video interviews with your key leaders as a marketing tool for your meeting – or as a follow-up reinforcement tool for you to distribute internally.

Second, Bonnie will design and deliver an in-depth “Needs and Interests” survey around your desired topic so that we can focus on exactly what you and your members need to know and want to learn.

Third, we’ll give you a free set of handouts that you can reproduce for your participants—which will save you a lot of money. Many speakers charge $15 to $50 per person if they provide the handouts.

We give you the master. And the handouts are excellent. Bonnie provides a lot of hard-hitting content in each program, and the participants are thrilled to have a copy of all the things we talk about.

Fourth, Bonnie is happy to work with you after the program. Just give us a call if you want to “debrief.” Often, Bonnie hears things from the participants or she will learn things about your organization that you should know. And she will recommend some steps you can take to make sure the program sticks and your objectives are achieved. This may include follow-ups by email or even a free teleseminar 30, 60, or 90 days after the live event.

We want to make sure your team members implement the resilience ideas and action plans they create during our program, long after the program is over. Many speakers and consultants hop on a plane after their program, and any lasting value leaves the building with them! Bonnie does three things to reinforce your investment in your attendees once they’re back in the real world.

First, Bonnie gives every one of your people access to her Resilience as a Habit resource web page. Bonnie spends time every week researching and compiling fresh new articles on topics related to marketing smarter and accelerating small business growth. Bonnie also sends each member a weekly tip, reminder, or point to think about to reinforce their new thinking and new doing.

Second, Bonnie she tells her audience at every program that they are welcome to contact her with any questions they might have on the material she has presented. Bonnie responds to their questions in a prompt and thorough fashion.

Third, will make her books, podcasts, and learning resources available to your members. When it comes to learning, nothing is more effective than spaced repetition. When people read a few ideas or spend a few minutes listening to a podcasts on a regular basis, both retention and application go up dramatically. But you can rest assured Bonnie will not give any kind of “sales pitch.” She will simply make the materials available.

Bonnie is connected to top-notch partners – other professional speakers, trainers, and experts. Under your organization’s banner, you can offer a Business University seminar series, an Online Web Café webinar series, or Fortune-500 caliber Resilience Bootcamps. Our roster of top -notch speakers can deliver high-impact programs nationwide to your employees, members, or customers.
Bonnie loves working with CEOs, business owners and team members on boosting their resilience through smarter decisions. Hire Bonnie and he’ll make sure your audience gets the “do-it-now” tools to attract, engage, and win– NOW more than ever!

Let’s incorporate resilience into your organization!

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