The main focus of any business is to stay in business! Knowing, understanding and mitigating your risk is THE way any business can become more RESILIENT. Being resilient is more than being prepared. Resilient businesses take DELIBERATE actions every day to mitigate their risks. 

Leading a mid-market business is challenging. Often you lack the resources that the larger companies have at their disposal.  Sometimes it may seem as if you are juggling bowling balls; trying to manage what you do to stay in business versus how to run your business effectively. That’s where The Resiliency Institute (TRI) can help!

The Resiliency Institute (TRI) is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in resilience. TRI specializes in comprehensive solutions for leadership, management, and information systems that helps leaders of mid-market businesses improve executive performance, and create profitable growth through the analysis of risk exposure. 

Most mid-market businesses can decrease their exposure to risk by 10%, 20%, even 30% by creating management systems that focus on ideal customers, improve executive performance, and use analytics strategically. With our unique 4P’s of Resilience, we deliver a true ROI to your organization.

Answer these critical questions:

  • How much time and money have you and your team lost building strategies around the delivery of products or services following a disruptive incident? Have you and your team even thought about this?
  • What are the critical ways you and your executive team raise the bar on your performance?
  • How satisfied are you that you have a resilient company with tightly integrated leadership, employees, and information systems?

If your answers indicate you have room for improvement in any of these areas, TRI can help.

Our Game Changing Solutions shows how we help clients improve performance in these areas, and our Resources page provides ideas you can implement immediately.

A sought after national speaker, Bonnie’s Speaking and Strategic Work Sessions page will give you plenty of ideas on  how The Resiliency Institute can help you create a resilient executive team, resilient information systems and create a more focused team that will take to you toward your goals faster.

View The Resiliency Institute one-pager. 

The Resiliency Institute is about real results… by eradicating your risk, you will realize growth in market share and growth in profitability. 

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